Monetize your audience in Telegram

Connect Tribute and start earning from paid subscriptions, donations and digital products.

Screens of the Tribute bot: Creator Dashboard & Verification

Telegram-native experience

Receive payments and manage subscriptions, donations and digital products right in Telegram. Tribute mirrors the platform's interface and is intuitive to use.

Verified bot

Safety and trust for subscribers thanks to a verified bot.

Transparent commission

Flat 10% commission, no hidden fees.

Convenient payouts

Receive payments twice a month to your bank account or card in euros. Payments in TON, USDT, BTC and payouts in cryptocurrency also available.

Who is Tribute for?

Tribute features

Subscriptions: access to unique content or products

Screen of the Tribute bot: Subscription

Donations: support from the most loyal subscribers

Screen of the Tribute bot: Send Donation

Digital Products: sell individual content items

Screen of the Tribute bot: Digital Product

Creator Dashboard: convenient analysis and management

Screen of the Tribute bot: Creator Dashboard

Monetization ideas

Set a goal and ask for support through donations

Share behind-the-scenes content, life hacks, and what inspires you

Set up a private channel with exclusive content

Offer expert content, webinars, or courses


What are the main advantages of Tribute?
It's a Telegram-native service, which is convenient for subscribers: no need to divert them to external platforms. In Tribute, payments can be made with cards from any bank and country. Payments and payouts in cryptocurrency (USDT, BTC, TON) are also available. The commission structure is transparent and simple — 10% commision for all transactions. There's also a convenient creator dashboard for managing subscriptions, donations and digital products, with detailed statistics coming soon.
How do I start using the service?
1. Open the bot. 2. Activate the bot with the “Start” button. 3. Add the bot as an admin to one or several channels. Make sure it can send, edit, delete messages, and whip up invite links. 4. Set up subscriptions, donations and digital products following the instructions. 5. Fill in your payment details, select your country, and decide how you'd like to get paid.
How are payouts processed?
Payouts are received twice a month: on the 25th and 10th of the month or on the next working day. The amount payout is formed for the periods from the 1st to the 15th and from the 16th to the 31st of each month. The minimum amount for payout to a bank card is 100 euros. If the minimum amount is not reached, the balance is carried over to the next payout date.
Are there any limits on the amount of payment?
The minimum amount subscribers can send you is one euro. The maximum amount for a one-time donation is two thousand euros. The maximum amount for subscriptions is one thousand euros.
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